Monday, January 20, 2014

More Creative Quilters!

Look at what Hanne Bjørnestad from Rudkøbing, Denmark emailed me.  I have never seen my quilt block actually turned into blocks!!!  She made them for her nieces's daughter.  I love photos of my designs made up from quilters especially inventive super cool ideas!  Thank you Hanne for sending me these photos!

I once reduced the animal whimsy blocks and made chair pads for a child's table for quilt market.

I stretched three animal whimsy blocks over canvas frames for my quilt market booth.  They are over the bed frame.  I wish I had the idea for the blocks here at quilt market! 

Sylvia Bryan sent me photos of her completed Twelve Tractor Quilt. She made this quilt for her great great nephew. She was so creative with her quilting which she did on her Elna sewing machine.  She even put soft minky on the back of the quilt.  Way to go Sylvia!!!!!

She quilted his name in one of the borders.
Look at the cool continuous tractor quilting.
Look at the tractor tire tracks in the red border.

This is what a dry creek bed looks like in the drought.  Sigh.  My husband and I started walking down the creek bed on our land yesterday.

Thank goodness we found the spring fed portion of the creek.  One day it is beautiful outside and the next day it is freezing.  We are definitely having crazy weather this winter!

Make a comment about your weekend and win a chance at your choice of either the "Animal Whimsy" or "Twelve Tractor" pattern.  We will let you know who wins next Monday Jan.27th.

Have a great week!  Amy


  1. Love those blocks! What a clever, clever, lady! After a stroll around the Farmer's Market, my weekend was spent mostly sewing, with a walk thrown in for good measure. I helped my daughter make a scratching post for her kitty, which we rubbed catnip on, then sat for an hour laughing at the silly kitty's antics.

  2. Awesome photographs, both of the quilt blocks and from your quilt market! Curious, does the spring dry up every winter?

    1. The spring doesn't dry up. I hope in your neck of the woods you are getting more rain. It is definitely lacking in Kansas.

  3. Love those animals. I wish I could get away with decorating like that for myself....but I think I might be past the age....not that I think there should be one.

    My weekend was delightfully quiet.

  4. Love the blocks and that quilting is just awesome on the tractor quilt. I spent one day gloriously piecing at the machine and the next day having quilt guild members come visit (recovering from a fractured hip/fall)

  5. Love those blocks-such a great idea and the quilting on the tractor quilt is fantastic. No sewing for me this weekend, I am a midwife and worked both Saturday and Sunday.

  6. Cute blocks!! We have the flu going thru house. So our weekend was spent tending the kids. And resting.

  7. Feeling so great this weekend, I've been working on a cute snowman mug rug (wool felt) and today I'm going to make my favorite zucchini bread to share with great neighbors and friends. Thanks for sharing your happy, whimsical patterns and ideas ...they're adorable!

  8. We have a creek bed that looks just like that and have a few spring fed areas, but I guess we are just down the road from
    Those blocks are adorable.
    That continuous tractor quilting is unbelievable. On her domestic? wow.