Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Special Commuters

Four days a week my daughter Ashley, her two dogs and my one and only grandchild Rowan commute 45 minutes to work at Amy Bradley Designs. The fifth day they work from home. That is the day that I get a lot more work done but it is so BORING compared to the other days. I just had to show a photo of how Rowan travels. She loves it. The dogs love it because our property is like one big dog park...lots of ball playing and chasing my dog Gladdy.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Party! Party! Party! Last child out of college!!!!

The Bradley's put on a party! My youngest child Adam graduated from Kansas University. It was the reason I did not attend quilt market. I was busy at home trying to figure out how to spend my new found money. Yea! No Tuition!

We invited everyone over to celebrate. He graduated with two degrees and the true blessing in these economic times is that he has a job. The sad thing is that his job is not in town. The son who has come over for lunch every day and helps part time in my business is leaving the nest. This is the hard part for Mom. The deviled eggs, potato salad and putting on a party for 50 was the easy part. My husband, his sister and I will miss him terribly!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Now Showing: My New Fabric!!!!!

I am so excited to show you my new fabric line! Here is a hint of the line and you can see more at http://mordac.unitednotions.com/storefrontB2CWEB/browse.do?action=refresh_browse&ctg_id=117892. I have created two new quilts, "Twelve Tractors" that uses a fat quarter bundle and "Baa Baa Bedtime" that uses two charm packs. I also used this new line in my existing quilt pattern "Sleepy Acres". The fabric doesn't hit stores until August. It is so much fun for me to see my sketches come to life and sitting in a bolt of fabric in a quilt store. It's probably like a musician hearing their song on the radio for the first time.

This was funny. I was googling tractor images to come up with a front view for my new "Twelve Tractors" quilt when I remembered we have an antique tractor in our barn....duh. My husband and I have his and her barns. We each have filled them with what we call our "treasures"aka junk. After we bought this house with the two barns, he couldn't wait to buy a little Ford tractor like the one he grew up with.

Cows in the front yard

Not everyone has cows in their front yard but I do! We have 3 cows and one calf in the front yard. We are all done with calving except for two. My husband John is keeping them close by because the last two cows still need to have their calves. Last night we moved the temporary electric fence to put them to a new part of our place. I think they like this part the best. They have the bradford pear trees for shade and the pond instead of a water tank. My granddaughter Rowan and I have to do regular checks on them but it's really an escape for sunshine! Below is my take on sunbathing cows called Beach Bovines.