Friday, June 29, 2012

4th of July

The winner of last week's blog give-a-way is Donna F, thanks for the comments!
A quilt that I made years ago from a pattern in Better Homes and Gardens American Patchwork and Quilting.  It was one block and I made it into four.

Fourth of July is coming up soon!  Some of my family is getting together at my Mom and Dad's cabin at the lake.  I have packed my playing cards, and air mattress and I am ready to go.  I am looking forward to Hand and Foot, Liverpool Rummy and Skip-Bo...all card games.  When I think of the Fourth of July I think of homemade ice cream, chocolate sheetcake, burgers on the grill, fireworks and family at Mom and Dads old cabin.  We were probably there every other weekend growing up.  It gave my siblings and I wonderful childhood memories.

This is a photo of the Fourth of July tree that I put up every year at my husbands veterinary clinic.

 This is my attempt at flower arranging at the clinic.  The grocery store had small bunches of red and white carnations on sale for 3 for $10.00.  I then bought blue baby's breath and extra greenery and saved money by doing it myself.  I spent $12.00 and got two bouquets.  The medical cabinet is full of old veterinary instruments and supplies.  We bought the cabinet for $300.00 and then paid $300.00 to get it sand blasted and re-enameled.  We have found that if you buy one or two nice antiques every year before long you have a house full and a clinic full!

This is another kind of arrangement.  This is my collection of shoe horns.  I just love old doll furniture too.

In honor of the Fourth of July.  We are giving away our "Fourth of July" little dog pattern.  Comment on a Fourth of July memory to enter.  We will draw a winner at random from the posts on Friday July 6th. 

Have a great week!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

New Ideas!

A wonderful lady named Carol sent me a care package awhile back.  I was amazed at her creativity to use my patterns for things that I have not yet thought about.  She took my "Quilters Yearbook" book and used all the drawings to create her own designs! The sad news is I just ran out of this book.  This post is now for all the quilters who already have the book or for you to get ideas to use my other patterns.

She made these key chains out of shrinky dink like material above.  She then added beads for necklaces and earrings.
A granny pac!

Carol's daughter works at a retirement home and she has made several bags for the ladies walkers.  She says it's a hoot to see all the silly faces coming down the hall.  The ladies just love them!

She also makes these sleeping masks.  They are funny on the outside and satin on the inside.  Thank you again Carol for your generosity!  I love everything and I love to show and tell!

Is the above "art"....not is the thread out of the casters on my sewing chair.  I am sure it is a few years worth!  After market I try to give my studio space a good once over.  I can actually see counter tops and table tops again!!!!  Remember creative people are not known to have clean creative studios!  I think one small trash can was full of 6 months of granola bar wrappers. 

On another note this week we actually got rain.  Hallelujah!  I got a break from watering.  Grass is supposed to feel good between your toes....not go crunch....crunch like my cereal.  Today it is 102 degrees outside.

I will have a drawing this week for one of my notepads and pack of note cards.  To enter write a comment about the weirdest thing you have cleaned up, spilled or broken in your studio.

Have a great week!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Quilt Diva Fashion Show

I had to share these photos when Marie from The Krazy Lady Quilt Shop emailed them to me!  They hosted a Quilt Diva Fashion show.  Their guidelines were to take the original pattern,  modify, embellish and make changes to reflect them and their personalities.  They turned out fabulous!

Gina and her Diva

The Fabulous Presenter of the Diva Fashion Show

Lena and her Diva
Sue and her Diva
Notice that Sue's Diva is holding a chocolate bar...why didn't I think of that?  Quilting and chocolate go together for sure.  I can tell these ladies know how to have fun and that is exactly the point!   

Have a great week!!  Amy

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cool Business Card

When I was at Spring Quilt Market Cindy Hopper handed me her business card.  I thought it was so unique and I just had to share it with you.

I just picked up this old sewing kit in a antique store last weekend.  At least I think it is old.  Not everything in a antique store is old!

These are a few kits that will keep the new one company.

The antique store I was in this last weekend was in Alma, Kansas called The Antique Emporium.  I always find things to buy there! It was my reward plus Baskin & Robbins praline n' cream ice cream favorite!  I was on a 10 hour round trip to get a bull in western Kansas on Saturday for my husband.  It was so windy (30 mls. per hour) and I could not use the cruise control with a big horse trailer and all the hills and traffic.  I had to go past three exits because the exit I needed to get off was closed to road construction.  I also don't know how to back up a trailer.  This is intentional so I don't become too handy for my husband.  Our friend Gene loaded the bull for me and got me turned around so I could head back.  I had SERIOUS recliner time when I got back home.   I hope I can keep my day job because I NEVER want to hit the road driving any kind of trailer!!!!  I so admire the drivers that do it.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Back from Cancun, Mexico

Congratulations to Mary, our winner!  Thanks for all the comments )

We did it!  We now have both of our children married off to two absolutely wonderful people!  The latest was my son Adam's wedding to Megan in Cancun, Mexico this past weekend.  I love these destination weddings!  We had it at the Now Sapphire Resort . We just show up and they take care of you. My daughter Ashley's was in Las Vegas. 

Ever since Megan attended a beach wedding when she was a little girl she wanted to have one someday.  Who said dreams don't come true.  It was beautiful!  They have the BEST group of friends and they all showed up!  They all had so much fun together.  It was a all inclusive resort so there was a lot of partying!

We were all a little nervous when we saw the big clouds in the distance but they allowed the wedding to go on without a drop......Yea!

It was a little steamy for awhile as you can see from the photo above before the wedding.  That is my daughter Ashley on the left, my son Adam the groom in the middle and myself.  The humidity did wild things to our curly hair but it was better then what it did to some of my family's straight hair.

 I love this shot of my husband and Megan's father Stan after the wedding was over.

This is my side of the family that traveled together.  All eight of us trying to get through the Houston airport in one piece.  When we weren't laying at the beach, sailing, reading a book, getting massages or eating we were playing cards.  We are a card playing family.  Do you know that you can have dessert for breakfast, lunch and dinner?  When they lay it out in front of you in one big dessert bar you kind of go crazy.  I am now on a three day dessert withdrawal program.

Stan, Megan's dad had us all playing Bingo.  This was an easy sell for my family!

Stan had bought all these wonderful bingo prizes to give-a-way.

Megan and Adam thought of everything.  They had photos of family members that couldn't come to give to family members to hold for family photos.  They also had a photo booth with a table full of wigs, glasses, and hats.  The photo booth took a 20 seconds video and five photos each of guests.  We had a blast dressing up.  My son Adam said that he is more excited to see that video than the wedding video!

 These were the sunglasses that they gave to each guest with their name and wedding date.  Ever since my brother Bill and his wife got married on a mountain in Steamboat Springs, Colorado our family has had five in a row.  I love this new tradition.  We all have a mini vacation as well as a wedding!

In honor of the newlyweds, we will give one winner the product of their choice from our website

Post to this entry to be entered in the random drawing, we will draw the winner on Friday June 8th.