Friday, January 9, 2015

Camping Inspirations!

I don't know if you heard but we came out with a new pattern, "CAMPERS".  In the last twelve months 41.75 million people went camping!  It is growing more and more as families get the camping fever and hotel rooms get more expensive and eating out for a family is harder to afford. There are even TV shows now about camping and RV's.  I watch "Flippin' RVs".  I suddenly want to restore a old airstream trailer. This will have to happen in my next lifetime but I like to dream.

 I had so much fun designing campers that I went a little crazy and designed 10 family members, two pets, a tent and some trees. You can even change the hairstyles on some of the family members to customize your family into a wall hanging. You can add your name to a sign to personalize your campsite.  You could even make one block and turn it into a pillow.  Let the fun begin!  Check out my website.

This summer I took these photos of toy campers at this big antique fair in Minnesota.

Below is a store sample of a tent that you could buy.

Barbie doll size.
Below is a home made camper that someone made to pull behind a pedal car.  I would have loved this behind my blue pedal car when I was young.

Me ....a long, long time ago.

I even dug out the old Fisher Price toys from my kids for a photo.

All folded up and ready to roll.

I hope you all our keeping warm this cold, cold winter and of course quilting!  Amy