Monday, August 12, 2013

Furry Friends Foundation Raffle Quilt

“Friends of Furry Friends” (46"wide by 59"high)
by Valerie Fercho-Tillery | Pattern by Amy Bradley Designs
Furry Friends Foundation, Inc. is having a quilt raffle!  Look what they are raffling off!!!!

This wonderful quilt was made by Valerie Fercho-Tillery and donated for the raffle.  It was on display by Town Square on July 13th during the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show. The drawing will be held Tuesday, September 3, 2013 after Labor Day weekend. There is plenty of time for everyone to still buy tickets.  Click on their website to find out how you can buy tickets.

They also came up with these mugs using the quilt blocks that Valerie made and sold them at the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show.  They sent me this set that I just love!!!

Furry Friends Foundation, Inc. is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization located in Sisters, Oregon, providing food and services to pets in need.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


The winner of our new Dragonfly pattern is Patricia, thanks for all your comments!

I went into an antique store last weekend and I found hanky gold in one booth.  I just love my new finds!  I photographed them without washing or ironing them so you get to see them with their original creases and their little stickers still on.

This one was my favorite because I love to collect vintage valentine stuff.  I can't believe the little card was still in the little envelope.  Score!

After I get this one washed up and hopefully the stains out I want to frame and mat this one for a guest bedroom.

I just loved the art deco pattern of this one.  I only paid $3.00 for each one of my finds.

I have been so lucky to see a lot of my family lately.  My sister Julie came home for a Kansas visit to see our Mom Dorothy for their birthday.  My Mom had my sister on her birthday.  I made my sisters favorite dessert for her.  Here is the recipe below. 

Lemon Icebox Dessert

Step 1:

3 oz. pkg. Lemon Jell-O

1 cup boiling water

1 T lemon juice

Step 2:

8 oz. cream cheese

1 1/3 cup sugar

1 tsp. vanilla

Combine ingredients of Step 1.  Beat ingredients of Step 2 with mixer, then add to Step 1.

Fold in 8 oz. container of Cool Whip into the above mixture.  Place in a 9” square dish.

Top and crust:

5 T butter, melted

1 ½ cups graham cracker crumbs (9 double crackers)

3 Tbsp. sugar

Combine above ingredients.  Place 2/3 mixture in bottom of square dish (press firmly) and

sprinkle remainder on top.  Refrigerate overnight.

(Can double this recipe and put in a covered cake pan.)

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Busy, Busy!

I have been so busy .... but haven't we all!  Where has this summer gone! Today is the first day of August!  Yikes! Twenty eight years ago today I was giving birth to my one and only favorite son Adam. Time does fly.

Happy Birthday Adam!

I came out with a new pattern - Dragonfly.  I used blue batiks on the top one.  I was so excited to use batiks.  They are so wonderful to work with.  You can choose your favorite color and make your own dragonfly quilt in batiks or become really adventurous and make it like a rainbow in colorful batiks.  The bottom one I went back to my colorful stash of fabric.  It hardly made a dent in my stash because it hardly takes any fabric.  You can easily make this from fat eighths or fat quarters. Start collecting now because this is a super easy quilt.  I wanted to make a simple design and have fabulous quilting in the background.  My friend and quilter Rosie delivered.  The quilting is beautiful!   She quilted a dragonfly in each of the plain blocks and put them in the border too.

Comment on one thing that you liked about this summer and enter to win a free dragonfly pattern.  We will notify the winner next Monday.

Take Care!  Amy