Monday, August 27, 2012

Bride and Groom Collection

I was just at my Mom and Dads for a sewing weekend with my Mom.  I was looking at her Anri wood carved set and thought it would make a good start to this blog.  This set is very special because it was the cake topper on my brother Brad's wedding cake.  We lost him to brain cancer when he was a young husband and father.  This set will go to his only child Kate someday.

This set was also in my Mom's miniature box.  It was on my Great-Grandmother Mary and Great-Grandfather Ben Harbaugh's wedding cake.

Then above is the start of my collection of Bride and Grooms.  This is the newest addition.  My Mom and I laughed because it looks like the same doll dressed two ways!

This is a salt and pepper set.  This is the "Before" side.

This is the "After" side.

This is a little matchbox bride and groom set.

This is a set all dressed up in crepe paper which I noticed they used a lot for decorating these little cake toppers.

This is a plastic set in crepe paper outfits.

Kewpie bride and groom set in crepe paper.

Another set.

This one is a really small set.

These I call my "army men set" because they are that size.

My Mom gave me this set.

These say Princess Elizabeth and Lieut. Phillip Mountbatten on their bases.

I then decided to google today's cake toppers and found some funny ones to share.

New technology has come to cake toppers!

Bridezilla cake topper.

This one is a feat in cake construction!

I loved this one!

Can you imagine what the future mother-in-law would say if you had this on your cake.

Same sex cake toppers.

Expecting Bride and Groom

The Simpsons
The tee time golfer.

If all these cake toppers could only talk!

I think this is one of my longest blogs ever! I hope you enjoyed it.  I just love weddings.  I get teased that I go just for the wedding cake and the buttercream mints but I love it all.  It is a new beginning!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Two Days Blues

I was so sad when the 2012 Olympics were over.  I was in total withdrawal.  I sewed and listened to them all day every day while they were on.  I caught my heart racing several times when I was worried about the outcome of a event.  I got so caught up in their excitement.  What an emotional roller coaster and I was just a spectator living in Kansas.  I can't even imagine trying to perform a skill that you have been working on for four straight years in front of thousands there and millions on TV.  I would get queasy before my small town track meets!!!!  I was so proud of everyone of our athletes!  Go USA!

I was sad for two days ..... and then someone came to stay with me to lift my spirits.

I get my granddaughter Rowan for five days!!!

I get my granddogs Kiley and Holly for five days!!

We have tea parties every day!  Sometimes we have miniature hamburgers....M & M's between two squished miniature marshmallows.  I love being a Grandma!  It is the best excuse to take time to play with dolls, fly a kite and have tea parties.    We all need time to play.  I can always sew next week!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dazzling Dogs Give-a-way Winner

The winner of our Dazzling Dogs Give-a-way is mommarock.  Thanks everyone for your posts, it was fun reading about all the different collections!