Thursday, July 24, 2014

Nebraska Fun!

I just got back from Nebraska City, Nebraska.  I was invited to speak at the Heritage Needlework Guild.  I hope they invite me back....wonderful ladies!!!!  I don't think I have had so much help setting up and taking down. They no how to impress the speaker! 

Sheri on the left and Rosie who does 90% of my quilting.
My friend Rosie (quilter extraordinaire) made the 6 hour round trip with me. Her husbands cousin Sheri belongs to the guild.  I put them in charge of selling patterns and catching up with each other.  We had fun driving except for the near death experience of a *%#&! car passing five other cars coming right at us in our lane. Other then that shaky experience it went smoothly.  Thank goodness I was up on my defensive driving.

Quilted needle cases opened up
Sheri was working on these sweet quilted needle cases before guild.  She has made 89 of them!  She cut up an old quilt that needed a new purpose to make them.  I should of taken a photo of one of them folded like a book. She added embroidery, felt for the needles and a binding. This is my kind of recycling!

Jill brought her Quilt Diva to share with me and the group.

This is a close up of the background behind the Diva.  She quilted the names of her small quilt group in the background.  I have never seen that done on the diva. It makes it so much more personal.

They had to die for treats.  I guess it is always like this.  Last month they had a ice cream sundae bar!!!

I hope you are all staying inside cool and quilting!  Amy