Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New York, New York!

I just had a wonderful time at http://www.kcframingandfabrics.com/ in Saratoga Springs, New York! (Home of the first potato chip.) When Courtney (on the far right) and Kelly ( on the far left) asked me if I wanted to come to do workshops for their shop I said yes. Then I got off the phone and thought upstate New York in February ... what was I thinking! It was wonderful! These two sisters were the nicest of nice, the customers were fun, weather was fine and I enjoyed myself immensely! I even got to meet most of their family...all nice, nice, nice!!!!
Their shop is in a two story old grange building. They have made the inside so modern to go along with their modern and bright fabrics. The upstairs of their building is for classes. Lots and lots of space and even a stage in case someone wants to break out into song.

We had sent some of my quilts earlier and the room was perfect for displaying them against the tall white walls.

They put me up in the historic Gideon Putnam Resort.

I made one of these dog block for each of the participants who took my workshop. It is for practicing their buttonhole stitching on. I wanted them to practice first before starting on their first block or wall-hanging like I did. Needless to say my first buttonhole block looked hideous!!!!!

This is Debbie in the bee headband showing me her Snugly Bugly blocks. She was one of three Debbies that day. You can tell someone is fun when they come in dressed for fun! My "Doo Da Daisy" pattern is hanging on the back wall. I absolutely loved this building. It was perfect for showing off quilts. They even had a small lunchroom off of this room for eating our lunch and snacks. Is there any better way to start a workshop than a creme filled donut followed by chocolate and a swig of diet pop to even it all out!

This is Jessica who made my pattern "The Hoots" for her future baby. I just loved the colors that she used!

I would definitely recommend this shop if you make your way to Saratoga Springs, New York. The whole town looked like a lot of fun. http://www.saratoga.org/

Thursday, February 3, 2011


What do you do when you have eight inches of snow and your thermometer reads below zero? This girl get her colors out and her movies on! I was having a lot of fun until I watched the movies "Chloe" and "The Hours" back to back. I usually do one serious one feel good. I had to break into the chocolate after those two in one afternoon!

I am so through with winter. Oh where Oh where is spring??????