Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Why Do I Love Them So!

Pincushions definitely are addicting to me! I like the whimsical cute ones and I have three new ones to show you. Is there a pincushion anonymous out there? Do others collect these things? Do I really have that many pins that need storage? Where will I put my growing collection? I might need a new piece of furniture....which will lead me back to the antique store where these little things live. I might need to buy more. It is a vicious circle!

This last weekend I had a near crying moment! I took my sewing machine in for a tune-up because it was not cooperating with my sewing schedule. I got it back home and started sewing. I looked at my wall hanging that I was getting ready for Quilt Market. It had black sewing machine oil stains in four places. To make a long story short I tried several things. Do you know what finally got it clean? Automotive bug and tar remover. I lost a few brain cells smelling the stuff but my wall hanging is stain free and at Rosie's (my quilter) now. I also tried putting my wall hanging in a plastic bag with baking soda and a dryer sheet. I then sprayed it with Febreze to try to get the lovely solvent smell out it. So if this happens to you...don't go to your laundry room...go to your garage.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Guess What I Found?

In Harrisonville, Missouri at "Keepers Antique Mall"( I found four of these stained glass windows. I was so excited I almost started hyperventilating!!! They look like quilt blocks. I just love, love, love them! I just had, had, had to have them! I am getting closer to having the studio that I always wanted and these will look so cool to have in the plans.

Today was also a good day because I ran 2 1/2 miles without stopping. My goal is a 5k. Half of the run today was up a long hill. I run slow but I am .... moving. I am sure there are buzzard circling overhead waiting on me!

I also shot the rest of the photography for my new patterns outside today. This was quite a feat since the wind was trying to blow the quilts and the photographer (me) to the next county! I can't wait to show you. Market it at the end of this month where we debut them all.

Have a great weekend! Amy

Friday, October 7, 2011

Happy Halloween Giveaway

Thanks to everyone who responded, great costume ideas! The winners are:
Deb G. in VA (Deb, please email us at Your profile isn't public so we can't find your email address. Thanks!)

Monday, October 3, 2011

More Decorating!

I decorate our veterinary hospital ( Bradley Animal Hospital ) for every major holiday. The clients love least the two legged ones.

It was time to bring out the big orange and black tubs for Halloween. I love that you can buy color coordinated tubs for your holiday decorations. It is much easier to find things.

The kids like to drive the receptionists crazy pushing the button on the "Dancing Snoopy". The x-ray shows a sewing needle that was swallowed. Ouch! My husband has gotten those out with a endoscope still threaded before. Amazing.

In case the kids missed the "Dancing Snoopy" they can push the paw on the dancing dog in the ghost costume. Another earful for the receptionists....over and over.....and over

This is our Halloween tree.

I put things up high on book shelves.

I even put things in plants. I can go on and on but I won't. Decorating for holidays is F-U-N!!!!

Leave a comment about your favorite Halloween costume that you dressed up in and we will have a random drawing for three of my "Happy Halloween" patterns this Friday Oct. 7th.