Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Back From Quilt Market

We just got back from Quilt Market two nights ago.  We didn't have to go too far....Kansas City.  I live one town over in Lawrence.  That means my own bed at night and my own shower in the morning. Yea!  We had a great reception to our two new patterns and new t-shirt.  Now is the time that we get to show it to you.

My first pattern to show you is Animal Whimsy.  Here is the wall hanging version . Twelve separate animal blocks.

Here is the Twin Quilt version with Shoo-Fly Blocks.  My friend Rosie quilted all the animal sounds in the border...Moo...baa...cluck...

I shrunk the patterns and made these chair pads for my granddaughter's little table and chairs.

This is the left side of the booth where I had the twin quilt on a bed.  Kris Barlow did an excellent job quilting three animal blocks that I stretched over canvas frames above the bed.

The other pattern to show you is my Little Cowboy and Cowgirl pattern.  Below are the two separate wall hangings that you can make with the pattern. Lisa Shenk did a great job quilting them.

Or....you can make the twin quilt version.

 My new t-shirt comes in purple and light pink.

Here is the right side of my booth.

I brought my dollhouse to use as a filing center.  I had papers and invoices in each of the rooms.  I could have sold this house 200 times.  Everyone was coming up to the booth saying "What are you doing with my old dollhouse!" or " I had one just like that!"

My daughter Ashley and my Mom Dorothy and I in the booth.  There is nothing better than family!

This is the clean up crew photo with two very important people missing...Dawn and Patrick from Creation Station.  I have never had so much help!!  We so needed it.  It took two pick-up loads to get it all back home.  I hope you like all the new designs.  It is all available on my website.  I can't wait to get cracking on new designs for Fall market now!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Daddy Dolls

My niece Amie found these Daddy Dolls which she ordered with her husband's (my nephew Jared) picture on them for their kids to have while he is deployed in Afghanistan.  They also play a recording of his voice when they are squeezed.  How great is that, I love the idea!

My brother-in-law, Ken, is also deployed in Afghanistan now.  This is his fourth deployment.  He is married to my sister Julie.  We love them very much and hope they come home safely soon.  Your prayers on their behalf are very much appreciated!  

Here is the father and son team, they are stationed at two different bases, a 45 minute flight apart.  They are both Longbow Apache pilots.


If you are interested in the Daddy Dolls, here is the website you can order from: https://www.daddydolls.com/

Ken S. Jones
1-211th ARB
TF Pirate
FOB Kunduz
APO AE  09368

Jared S. Jones
Camp Marmal
ATTN: TF Ready
c/o A / 121th ARB
APO AE  09368

Above are their addresses if you want to cheer them on with a note or care package.  Getting mail is a highlight in their day.