Sunday, June 24, 2012

New Ideas!

A wonderful lady named Carol sent me a care package awhile back.  I was amazed at her creativity to use my patterns for things that I have not yet thought about.  She took my "Quilters Yearbook" book and used all the drawings to create her own designs! The sad news is I just ran out of this book.  This post is now for all the quilters who already have the book or for you to get ideas to use my other patterns.

She made these key chains out of shrinky dink like material above.  She then added beads for necklaces and earrings.
A granny pac!

Carol's daughter works at a retirement home and she has made several bags for the ladies walkers.  She says it's a hoot to see all the silly faces coming down the hall.  The ladies just love them!

She also makes these sleeping masks.  They are funny on the outside and satin on the inside.  Thank you again Carol for your generosity!  I love everything and I love to show and tell!

Is the above "art"....not is the thread out of the casters on my sewing chair.  I am sure it is a few years worth!  After market I try to give my studio space a good once over.  I can actually see counter tops and table tops again!!!!  Remember creative people are not known to have clean creative studios!  I think one small trash can was full of 6 months of granola bar wrappers. 

On another note this week we actually got rain.  Hallelujah!  I got a break from watering.  Grass is supposed to feel good between your toes....not go crunch....crunch like my cereal.  Today it is 102 degrees outside.

I will have a drawing this week for one of my notepads and pack of note cards.  To enter write a comment about the weirdest thing you have cleaned up, spilled or broken in your studio.

Have a great week!!!


  1. I broke my scissors once from cutting out too many felt stockings. Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Carol is indeed ingenious! Love what she does with your creations! I haven't broken anything weird in my sewing corner but I am constantly covered in "broken" t-shirts are covered with threads that look like they came from your chair! Ugh!

  3. Once I was so intent in getting back into a project in the works - I thought I would catch my morning bowl of cheerios while working. Well, the first mouth full (luckily not chewed or swallowed) went spewing all over. I had grabbed the box of kitten chow by accident.

  4. I broke my wrist 6 weeks ago, falling when I got up to get a fan to cool me when I was sewing. Does that count for broken? (I hope to be able to sew this week--fingers would be crossed if it didn't hurt so darn much!)

  5. My studio is right next to the laundry. I had a bottle of laundry soap fall on the floor and break. There was soap every where. I have to say....Do NOT TRY TO MOP UP SOAP ... There were bubbles everywhere. Eventually I just used the dust pan and my hands. My studio was clothes line fresh for months!

  6. Not the weirdest, but the grossest, thing I've cleaned up in my sewing area was a hairball that my 20 pound Maine Coon cat decided to upchuck on my completed quilt top. Yuk!

  7. Let's just say I'm finding peanut m&m's everywhere, everyday. I opened a big bag of them while trying to re-energize during a deadline. They flew every where. Now that I think of it, I had better just go clean up the place totally, no telling what else I will find.