Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Spring Market 2012

We have been back from Salt Lake City, Utah for two weeks!!! I have not sent one blog about Spring Market. Bad, Bad Me! The good news is that it was a successful market for us which has kept us quite busy. Yea! The bad news is that I am a delinquent blogger like usual. I love finally getting to show you what I have been working on for the last few months. So drum roll....... Here is my Have a Happy Scrappy day pattern. You can make a wall hanging, a larger quilt wall-hanging and a pillow from the pattern. I made these versions using charm packs from Riley Blake. They are perfect for charm packs. I love charm packs...everything is all coordinated for you! Just grab one and start sewing.

Here is my new Have a Happy Scrappy Day card design. They come with eight cards and eight matching turquoise envelopes

This is my new Have a happy scrappy day notepad. I put mine on the fridge and write my grocery list on it. When I am ready for the grocery store run, I just grab it and go.

What made this market so much fun is that we got to stay with my sister Julie and her husband Ken. Getting to have family time with them and my nephew's family was icing on the cake. We even managed to get in a few games of Skip Bo ( my favorite card game). We gave her a different color version of my new scrappy basket quilt for a thank you gift for having us. When I took the photo of the quilt it was hanging on a black curtain so the photo makes the quilt borders look wavy.

My brother-in-law Ken showed us around his work. He is a CW5 in the Utah National Guard. My daughter Ashley even got to fly in a Apache helicopter simulator and then sit in a real one. Her husband was so jealous. My brother-in-law Ken and and his two sons are all pilots.

I hope you all are having a good start to your summer. I think it skipped spring here and went right into the hot summer. That means we need to stay inside and sew, sew, sew........


  1. Wow, a CW5! That is impressive!

    Love the patterns...glad to hear you did well at market!

  2. Welcome back! Glad the quilt market went so well!!

  3. It matters not when you come back..we are eager to get caught up when you do..and surprisingly I am not at all awed by your new creations..I half expect them to always be over the top YOU.. .love them all.. YOU are one of those designers that we recognize as soon as see your genuine gifted flair... kudos to a successful market..well deserving..

  4. I love your scrappy basket quilt in both colours, Just gorgeous.

  5. LOVE YOUR CARDS AND NOTE PAGES! Dee - jessibir@hicorytech.net

  6. Love your colors and designs.