Friday, April 8, 2011

Exercising With A Mission!

Every spring when it warms up I take my exercising outside. Exercising is no fun in my book but I definitely hit that age where it is a must!! I have other four letter names for it too! The sun, birds chirping, and flowers coming up make it just a little bit better...until I see the litter. Aaugh!!! Why would a person ever throw trash out their car window is beyond me. Every spring I take my big black trash bags and my gloves and clean up my 1 mile stretch of road. This is the photos of my spoils (literally). You wouldn't believe what I pick up. Once I found $16.00 because I think somebody threw their change into their fast food sack and forgot about it. The road looks pristine for almost a whole 24 hours before a cup or a can is once again in the ditch. Sigh. I just figure all this bending over has to help the old mid-section.

Just recently in this last week we also noticed that someone stole our solar panels out of their frame. They brought water up from a well for the cattle. Our dog Gladdy is sniffing for any clues.

They apparently needed to cut our fence to do this. The good thing is that we didn't have any cattle in this pasture. I knew they were after copper wiring but panels.


  1. That's terrible! We have a problem with 'garbage' dumpers along our stretch of property on the thoroughfare. Our worse offendes, the village police who sit on our property to catch speeders.

  2. I admire you for picking up the garbage. How sad that there is so much of it.

    Rotten and maddening about the solar panels and the fence being cut!

    Littering, garbage dumping, theft, trespassing...a sad state of affairs when this becomes the 'norm' for us to see or hear about.

  3. The litter is bad enough, but the thefts are worse. Here they are stealing from everywhere, including street lights and even emergency equipment at hospitals. I'm surprised that they found your solar panel out in the country though.

  4. I have to do the same thing where I boggles my mind why people would throw stuff out. It is not THAT hard to take it in the house and toss it when you get home, for crying out loud. (You can tell this is a pet peeve of mine.) I pick up many, many bags along our road, and our dam. Sorry you've been hit by thieves, too. They have gotten in our barn looking for metal, too. Sigh.
    Jacque in SC

  5. I've had to do the same on our stretch of road. I guess the good news is that it's great exercise and Mother Nature appreciates the hard work.