Sunday, April 10, 2011


A friends daughter was at a thrift shop and came across this find. She just had to share a photo with her mother who in turn shared the photo with me. The price tag was $30.00 and she did not buy it. It would be great in a little boys room with a cowboy theme. I love how they take old furniture and make it new again with paint. I love paint ... it is cheap and can change anything!


  1. This is great! Amazing how creative people are... hopefully in a lovely new home by now with a someone who is delighted with it...

  2. That is really cute!!! What a fun find!!

  3. Now I only have boys and one of their moms is a vet, ohhhh my would they love that...You are sew right Amy, paint, and imagination can go a long way...mooooooooooooooo-ve over, I may milk this idea lol