Saturday, December 21, 2013

Snowman Game & December 20th Daily Winner

We played this game at our veterinary clinic Christmas party this year.  You don't have to venture outside to build a snowman in this lively competition.

What you will need:
-Toilet paper
-Red crepe paper
-Black card stock or construction paper

How to play:
1. Divide your group into pairs.  One will be the builder and one will be the snowman.  Give each builder a roll of toilet paper, a length of red crepe paper, and three circles cut out of black paper and backed with a loop of tape.
2. At "Go," the builders race to wrap their partners with the entire roll of toilet paper, finishing off the look with a crepe paper scarf and the three black paper buttons.  The first builder to complete her snowman wins.

The daily winner for December 20th is Susan Peverley.  Susan chose the Animal Whimsy quilt pattern.

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