Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Two Days Blues

I was so sad when the 2012 Olympics were over.  I was in total withdrawal.  I sewed and listened to them all day every day while they were on.  I caught my heart racing several times when I was worried about the outcome of a event.  I got so caught up in their excitement.  What an emotional roller coaster and I was just a spectator living in Kansas.  I can't even imagine trying to perform a skill that you have been working on for four straight years in front of thousands there and millions on TV.  I would get queasy before my small town track meets!!!!  I was so proud of everyone of our athletes!  Go USA!

I was sad for two days ..... and then someone came to stay with me to lift my spirits.

I get my granddaughter Rowan for five days!!!

I get my granddogs Kiley and Holly for five days!!

We have tea parties every day!  Sometimes we have miniature hamburgers....M & M's between two squished miniature marshmallows.  I love being a Grandma!  It is the best excuse to take time to play with dolls, fly a kite and have tea parties.    We all need time to play.  I can always sew next week!