Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Twelve Year Absence

It has been twelve years since I picked up this UFO!  It was before Amy Bradley Designs.  I remember those days...feet up in the recliner...movie on....and me working on my little 1 1/4" hexagons....sigh.    I decided I needed to get these little shapes back into my life again.  You get one done and you feel like you got something accomplished!  This last weekend we went to the Bradley family reunion at Grand Lake in Grove, Oklahoma.  My husband drove and I sewed.  There is nothing better then that.  I got a whole baggie full done!  It will take a lot of these.  Twelve of these to be exact around each red print flower.

I was thrilled that I even knew where to find the project in my sewing room.   It's not exactly organized....

I think after I put the little red and white check hexagons around each red flower I will put a row of white on.  I love how clean white looks.  I want to try not using any of the little red prints twice.  I may have to beg or borrow from friends after I buy red prints from shops around my community.  I had a lot from my stash too.  This was all from my red phase.  I now am in a bright phase but I still love red.  I don't know how big it will be.  It now is past the doll quilt size going on table cloth size.  I hope to make a twin quilt size not to use but to hang on a wall.

I use my husbands old x-ray film to make the little hexagons and a hole punch to punch the center out.  The hole is so you can pop them out.   I use a manicure stick in the hole to pop them out once I have sewn a row to all their sides.

My grandmother made this quilt and my Mom passed it on to me a few years ago.  I will always cherish it because she made it.  As a quilter I can appreciate how long it took to put this quilt together.

Here are some other sites you may enjoy.

Simple method to make these hexagon blocks using a sewing machine.

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Mary Smith just sent me this photo.  She has made seven quilts from my designs and she has only been quilting three years and she appliques them by hand!!!!  She wants to do my Planetary Party next.  Mary thank you for sending me photos!  I just love photos of your quilts!

In honor of Mary we will have a drawing of a Snugly Bug Quilt Pattern on July 31st.  Comment on what UFO you are working on or a UFO you know you should pick up again. We all have a bazillion!

Have a wonderful week and keep cool!  Amy


  1. I haven't been quilting that long, but I have one of my 1st - called 'Flower Maze' - flower print fabrics in 10" blocks with black sashing - think I just fell out of love with it as I went into making miniatures - anything over 6" makes me twing.

  2. Love the bugs! I have so many UFO's that I forget about them until I'm organizing for the millionth time! My first thought went to a batik jelly roll quilt that needs to be finished. It's odd, because I love the pattern and the fabrics....why don't I finish it!?

  3. The UFO I need to badly get back to is my New York City quilt.

  4. I've been wanting this pattern, I'm going to splurge and buy it soon. It's one of my favs. Currently I have 3 UFOs that I'm trying to complete, a table runner, a baby quilt (my pattern), and a wall hanging of a guitar for my husband for his music room/ office. Then onto my bff's quilt, bright colors so of course I'm excited!

  5. well first dear one, your hexagon quilt is a heart to heart family heritage...wow....and your lovely fans entrourage of your designs is a classic ?...Made me smile...all of it...it's beautiful...I always smile when I am here you just bring that out in me

  6. I have a slew of quilt tops that need quilting. I'm saving my favorite to the end so I can work on them when my new skills improve.

  7. I have several UFO's I really should pick up again! the oldest is a quilt started in 2001 when my middle son went up to secondary school! he often asks about it!

  8. I have several UFOs, but the one I'm currently working on is an applique Halloween wall hanging. If I'm lucky, I might get it done in time for this Halloween! Thanks for a chance to win the Snugly Bugs pattern ... they are adorable!

  9. I had family and friends sign autograph quilt blocks for my wedding and they're just waiting to be put together! Need to get back to those!

  10. Just out of curiousity, was the x-ray film developed before you used it? I work in an oral surgeon's office, and we now use digital x-rays and have a few boxes of undeveloped film lying around. Do you know if I can use it as is, or if it should be developed first? Thanks!

    1. Hi,
      I'm not sure about using undeveloped film. The ones I used were clear, they were bad shots that were developed. You need to be able to see through them where to mark with a pin.

  11. Absolutely love your patterns but this is the first time I've been to your blog. Was looking in your website to see if you were on Facebook but didn't find you. I'll just check your blog now. :)
    Way too many ufo's to finish!

  12. I truely need to finish my Quilt Diva!!! She is calling me to let her out of the box!