Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Do I look like the Quilt Diva?

I sometimes have my customers ask me if I resemble any of my characters. There might be some resemblance but I mostly take traits from other quilters I know or see. People-watching is a hobby of mine. Airports, grocery stores, burger joints and I am rubber necking trying to get a good look. Thank goodness the world is full of characters like me going through our day to day motions. It makes for wonderful drawing subjects. I see women walking through the airport with spike heels and I think they are nuts! A good pair of sneakers or clogs would make them much more comfortable...not a fashionista but definitely more comfy. High heels went out with my twenties along with my true hair color.

1 comment:

  1. Have you every thought about the knitting divas. As a 40 year newbi quilter I love the since of humor your quilts have. Because I do not want to do my grandmothers quilts I want to do something that is youthful and fun. Well I started knitting when I was 16, another older ladies hobby, but have discovered recently that the younger generations are knitting now.