Sunday, January 27, 2013

On the road again....

My husband and I did a road trip to Oklahoma to see his Mom this last weekend.  We stopped at several antique stores on the way down and back.  My kind of road trip!  I took some interesting photos of some of the merchandise.  For example the elaborate ostentatious wind chime above.

When my husband and I walked up to this long wicker cart we noticed one side could fold down.  We then thought it might be a hospital gurney or a mortician cart.  WRONG.  We found out that it is a flower cart.

This little suitcase and two below were all in one cool booth of advertisement items.

I loved this little 1950's two piece cowgirl outfit.

I did walk away with a new pin cushion.  It looks like a two-headed dog but it actually is two dogs walking beside each other.

I scored this old wooden trash can too for $12.00.  I want to paint it someday and decorate it up.

I also could not pass on the vintage humpty-dumpty wooden salt and pepper shakers.

Now I am watching the Screen Actors Guild Awards.  I'm watching beautiful women in gorgeous dresses while I am in my very well worn but very comfy pj's.  I wouldn't trade places.

Have a great week!  Amy

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