Monday, January 21, 2013

My weekend

Last weekend I went down to Burlington, Kansas to help my Mom and Dad with their new house.  I removed wallpaper borders and painted a small bathroom. Some of the positions I got myself into while I was painting around the toilet and this little corner were so comical.  No wonder I got out of bed so slo o o o o o wly this morning. 

We took a break from working and traveled to the nearby town of Leroy, Kansas for lunch. The Population of Leroy is 561. This little town has personality. We went for pizza at The Pizza Parlor.  I had the best barbecue pizza that I have ever had.  The calzones were huge and could feed four. They did a great job renovating and decorating the place retaining the character of the old building.  A thumbs up from this quilter!

If you visit Leroy on Saturday between 10:00 - 5:00 you can visit the Barbie and More Museum Next door to the Pizza Parlor.  I wonder how many little girls have left nose prints on these windows!

Just to get to the Pizza Parlor I passed a flying manure spreader in front of Luther's - makers of beef jerky.

Then I passed this flag pole.  Apparently it needed a weight at the bottom so it wouldn't fall over.

Then really close to downtown were these nice sheep who didn't mind getting their picture taken.

I didn't even take a photo of Arnold's Greenhouse where gardeners come from miles to get one of a kind plants.

It was easier to go back to painting after such a nice excursion to Leroy!

I also wanted to show you this photo.  Alisann Poutinen sent me her color version of my pattern "Stitch a little talk a lot".  She did such a nice job.  The border is orange. I wear a lot of orange. I just love it.  Thanks for sharing Alisann!

Have a great week!  Amy

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