Monday, January 14, 2013

New Sewing Stuff

Look what I found in Miami, Oklahoma.  I have never seen a pin cushion like this...or at least I was told she was a pin cushion.  If anyone knows what she was made for let me know.

This guy looks like a little soldier to me.

I got both of these boxes for $3.00 each.

Mending Day Postcard postmarked 1910

Postmarked 1919
This postcard is advertising "The Free" sewing machine with 29 up-to-date features.
The postcard above advertises "The Free" sewing machine.  A machine that is so beautiful that you would be willing to place it in your parlor?  Who has a parlor these days much less a separate dining room.  It is open concept now.  Open spaces except when it comes to messy sewing rooms!!!!!  I wouldn't want anyone to see mine right now!

I was the program for the Lee's Summit Quilt Guild in Lee's Summit, Missouri.  One quilter summed up the quilt guild in two words.....friendly .....organized.  The first time she went to this guild about ten people came up to talk to her shortly after she arrived and she has been coming ever since.  I felt the same way as soon as I got in the door too.  This is a happening group.  I wished I lived closer.  They have some excellent programs coming.

The photo above are four ladies from Raymore, MO.  Left to right: Kathy Gribble,
Jean Hedges, Geneva Spotz and Mibe Young.  They took my pattern "Everyday is a shopping day" and put it on the back of their shirts.  They wore them just for me!!!  Thank you ladies!!!!

Have a great week!   Amy

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