Wednesday, January 2, 2013


I have had a lot of fun this past two weeks being with family.  Above is a photo of my brother Bill, sister Julie and I eating out at a restaurant.  I have totally taken this time off and not worked.  I am feeling a little guilty and overwhelmed about all the work that is front of me today but....hey....I get to start a fresh new year today!  Here is to 2013!  May it be a great year for all of us! 

My siblings and I spent Christmas packing up Mom and Dad.  They are leaving our hometown of Medicine Lodge, Kansas.  They are moving to my brother Bill's town of Burlington.  This is only one hour away from me.  I AM SO EXCITED!  It took four hours before to road trip to see them.  We packed in the mornings and then stopped to play "Hand and Foot" (a card game).  We then packed in the afternoon following with more cards in the evening.  It didn't seem like work because we had so much fun together.  Mom and Dad said it was the best Christmas present ever for them.  They have lived in our childhood home for over forty years.  We still have more work to do but we got off to a great start.

I then went to my husband's mother Bev's 80th birthday celebration in Oklahoma.  More family, more food, more traveling....but we had a absolute wonderful time seeing everyone!  I feel so lucky to have such great in-laws.

Here she is with her five boys and her father-in-law.  I love this photo! She has raised five successful men and most important of all they love, love their mom and would do anything for her!

Above is my Mom and Dad's dog Elly.  She was laying on her own personal couch.  I think she was exhausted from all this family invading her space and routine.  Above is the collection that she inspired that I have bought for my Mom and Dad.  I promised this Christmas that I wouldn't buy anymore.  I just saw three more after I said this proclamation....Drats!

On our way back home from Oklahoma I had to take a photo of this house.  Instead of taking pen to paper he took a paint brush to his home.

I better start on that to do list.  I hope you all have a great start to 2013 and be sure and get right on to all those resolutions....for me this blog has tired me out and I think I need chocolate...... oops.....breaking resolution #27.

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