Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Last night my daughter Ashley and I enjoyed " Hair" the musical at the Kaufman center in Kansas City.  We have two more shows to the season "Mary Poppins" and "Stomp".  I can't wait to hear all the songs in "Mary Poppins".  We just revel in getting to see all these traveling Broadway shows.

My daughter is too young to recognize all the hits songs from the musical..."Aquarius"..."Hair"..."Good Morning Starshine"...    She did recognize "Let the Sunshine In".  I had fun laughing at all the costumes which I was once wearing in my youth.  If I only saved my fringed vest and purse!

I also labored over my embroidered and painted jeans like this pair.

Did you add fabric inserts to your jeans and decorative patches too?  We also added trim to the bottom of our jeans like this pair.

I also remember putting stickers like these all over my notebooks.

At the end of the musical one of the cast members sat beside me and tried to get me up on the stage to dance.  I was a party pooper and passed.  I did accept a daisy during the show when they handed me one. Also twice during the show I had dancers standing on the empty chairs beside me dancing.  It is good and bad that we sit five rows from the front!

Last night was definitely a stroll down memory lane.

Here's to the 70's.....smiley face.....smiley face.....smiley face!

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