Sunday, January 6, 2013

Big Girls Like To Play With Dolls Too

Different times in my life I would come home with a stack of library books all about doll houses. I would pour over all the photos of little miniature rooms and all their teeny tiny accessories and dream about having a doll house all to myself. My Mom would take my sister and I to Seven Seas a shop in Wichita where the back half was all miniatures. I was fascinated with all the furniture but the prices were very high for my weekly allowance. I later got to see Colleen Moore's fairy castle in the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.  It is the mother of all doll houses!  I knew about it because it was one of the library books that I checked out when I was younger.

A few weeks ago I was in a antique store and stumbled upon a dollhouse for $50.00 that needed me.
I had some furniture already but I kind of went crazy with 40% coupons at my local Hobby Lobby store.  Each day I would go in with my handy dandy coupon and walk out with a smile on my face and my wee little furniture and a family for my wee little rooms. I was getting it ready for the big reveal for my granddaughter Rowan.  Since it was around Christmas I even got two little Christmas trees for us to decorate.  I told her I had a big surprise the next time that she came over.  She was so excited when she saw what it was.

Guess what she wants to play with as soon as she hits grandma's house now?  Being a grandma is such fun!!!!!

My friend Rosie likes all things dolls too.  She had her own little Santa's workshop going on in her garage before Christmas to surprise her granddaughter Bella and her American doll.

With a miter box, saw, a wood plaque cut in two and fancy dowels she made this by herself.

She also took a little stool and cut it down for a little doll table.

She painted the bed and made all the bedding including a quilt. She did have to take down the table a little bit more after this photo to match Bella's little doll chair.

It's amazing what grandma's will do for their special little granddaughters!

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  1. Awesome! I want one....but in the right order. My boys need to grow up first!