Wednesday, January 16, 2013

So many catalogs!

We all get so many catalogs!  I briefly thumb through them and then toss them in the recycling.  This morning while I was having my usual bowl of cereal and Diet Dr. Pepper breakfast I was flipping through this catalog.  

It was a good way to wake me up this morning.  I love funny!  My Dad has a big collection of funny t-shirts.  My sister actually bought the one above for him for his last birthday.  He has fun wearing them to have coffee with his buddies.  I am always thinking about my next t-shirt design too.  Oh my goodness!  I just now spelled t-shirt without a "t".  Thank heavens for spell check!!!!!!  Now that would have been funny!

Here are some other things out of their catalog that made me smile this morning.  By the way ...... I do not have stock in this catalog.

This saying made me laugh out loud!  Our dog Gladdy can hear any food unwrapped, can opened and Tupperware popped open from miles away.  When you already feel guilty about eating another cookie, you also have your dog staring at you!  Never, never leave food on a low coffee table ..... it is fair game!

I have a few pins so I liked this one.  I might be turning into my Great Aunt and Grandma.  They loved all those rhinestone too.  I am a rhinestone cowgirl........

Have a great Wednesday!   Amy

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