Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Guild Talks

When you pack a car with quilts, product, workshop supplies, sewing machine, laptop, projector, extra large light box, cart you have one full car.  I even pack a extra shirt in case I spill something on me before I get there.  It hasn't happened yet...but soon as I don't I'm sure I will be doing a talk wearing ketchup.

Last week I did two quilt guild talks.  We don't do any retail shows except market where we sell to our wholesale and distributor customers.  I always meet the most wonderful quilters.  I always come home so happy.  So if you are feeling sad go spend some time with a bunch of  zany fun loving quilters!

These are my fun ladies taking my workshop in Lancaster, Kansas.  I had to practically beg them for questions they were that good!  The Quirky Quilters Quilt Guild meets once a month and once a year they invite a speaker in for a trunk show and I was it.  I felt very honored!

I then went just a little bit south to Baldwin, Kansas.  The last time I spoke to them was 2004.  I now find myself being a repeat speaker to guilds. Yea!  I love getting to see quilters again.  This is a very active group.  They call off the roll to see who has show and tell.  When they do this everyone gets to see the person with the name and the show and tell.  It's a great way to learn names.

Sharon brought this quilt for her show-and-tell that was made up of "Crown Royal" bags for a customer.  I think I heard that the customer was a bartender because that's a lot of drinking!

Kelly emailed be some photos of her recent quilts using my patterns. She used mainly batiks.  I love how batiks cut and don't fray.  They are a dream to work with.  Kelly did a great job!!!

1 little, 2 little, 3 little quilters
Everyday is a Shopping Day
Have a great week!  Amy

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