Thursday, April 17, 2014

Antique Store Trip

I took my granddaughter Rowan to her piano lesson last week and I spent a quick 45minutes at a nearby antique store for some retail therapy.  It was 85% flea market 15% antique store but I still enjoyed it.  With getting ready for quilt market and calving, I will take any escape.  I took a bunch of photos of things that made me smile so maybe they will bring a smile to your face too.

Does anyone need storage for their pantie hose?  Does anyone have or wear pantie hose anymore???

Remember fur collared coats.  Mine was black when I was little.  I felt like a million!!!  We have had the weather for these coats.  It has dropped down in the 30's a few nights.  This is the month of April!

How about a fur stole?

Before Google.

What color did your trolls hair have...mine was yellow.
Remember watching Captain Kangaroo every morning with Mr Greenjeans.
My Grandma had one of these tile ashtrays and a coffee table covered in these little tiles.
Baby beds have changed.  This looks more like a animal cage.
The inside of the bed.  Yikes!

This is a fancier model but definitely not regulation.
I love the tray size on this one.  Does that mean less food on the floor?
Toy doll buggy
My one year old grand twins all clean and pretty before their birthday cake and party.
Norah enjoying cake!
Nate.  Nothing like carrots, peas and chocolate cake....yum!
Our Easter Pattern under sale items.
Enjoy your Easter and don't forget to eat a chocolate bunny!  Amy

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  1. I remember all of those things. The fur collar made me grin - Daddy used to say they were for catching he could flip it up and smush it in Mom's face.