Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Back From Quilt Market

Yea! Another Quilt Market has come and gone. It is a LOT of preparation to get ready for.  I am so excited to go and even more excited when it is over.  We haven't been to the last two markets because my daughter and business partner Ashley had twins.  We flew to Pittsburgh, PA. which was a great place to introduce our new "Pirates" quilt because it is the home of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

I walked over this bridge each day and right by the Pittsburgh Pirates Stadium.

It was fun to see customers that we haven't seen in a year.

Since we fly we ship in all our quilts and patterns.
Copyright Amy Bradley Designs 2014

Before I left I made up a wall hanging for market using my "Dogs & Cats" Pattern.  I used my Kansas State University mascot fabric.  I then reversed and printed out "KSU" and "GO CATS!" off my printer. You can use your own mascot fabric or make the blocks promoting a soccer team or a high school team.

You can also use your embroidery machines and embroider your own dog and cats names on their collars.

Make a comment about a dog, cat or pet in your life to win a chance to have your very own "Cat & Dog" pattern. We will announce the winner next Monday on Memorial Day.

This T-Shirt made me laugh out loud!  F.A.R.T.  Fabric Acquisition Road Trip
 The 13 month old twins and their Daddy got along fine while we were gone.  It was the first time Ashley was away overnight. She slept 10 hours the first night she was away!  Mother of twins don't get a lot of sleep!


I have more photos of quilt market but will post them the next time.  Have a great week!  Amy


  1. Bruno is our handsome Maine Coon cat who is loved by all at the vet's office.

  2. We are down to two cats who know where the food bowl is! My hubby doesn't want any more pets as it is so hard when they leave. I would love more so to get my fix I am volunteering in our local shelter.

  3. I love the ahoy quilts. My daughter has two dogs that I baby sit all the time. A Great Pyrenees that is a sweet heart and a beagle that is jealous of the every morning when they hear the toaster they bolt from their location to come get a piece of toast from grandma and grandpa.

  4. Darling kittie quilt! My little Oliver (my cat) is 18 and is my heaven sent, best friend. Our time will be ending soon, but having him in my life has blessed me so much! Pets are the best!

  5. We have one dog and one cat. I love them both and would love to get another kitten, but I don't think the cat would agree. She still hasn't forgiven me for bringing home a dog! Your new patterns are great -so cute and fun!

  6. All we have in our house is fish that we hopefully remember to feed! My middle one is afraid of animals with fur!

  7. I currently am owned by one Calico cat named Seven who will be 21 next month. Very cute patterns.

  8. Love your Dogs & Cats pattern!. I have a dog (a Shiba Inu) that acts like a cat -- aloof and independent. I used to have a siamese cat that acted like a dog.