Thursday, February 27, 2014

New Pattern Hot Off The Press!!!!

There is nothing more fun then getting our new pattern back from the printer!  Days of drawing,computer, sewing, proofing, proofing, proofing, are all behind us.  It is a triple wingding, hullabaloo day of merrymaking around here for my daughter Ashley and I!!!!  Bring out the chocolate, throw out the left-overs and let's go out to celebrate!

So here it is......Dog and Cats in sweaters....Boy Dogs...Girl Dogs...Boy Cats...Girl Cats...

Make the sweaters bright and bold or light and sweet or even use your favorite sports team fabric.  Take our design and make it your own and then send us photos because we LOVE getting photos!!!

It is one pattern that you can make two ways.  The pattern comes with full size patterns, full size
placement sheets, and instructions for a 46 ½” x 57 ½” quilt.

Sometimes things don't always go as planned around here.  Here is a photo of my fancy photography studio.   I love to precariously perch myself on top of a ladder and hang over as far as I can to get the center of the quilt.  I like to do this without snow drifts, jumping over mud puddles, gusting wind and preferably on a sunny day when the sun is directly overhead.  None of this happened on this particular day.  I had to scrap this shoot for a nicer sunnier day which have been far and few between in Kansas this winter.

There is one distraction to our business that I absolutely love...the twins Nate and Norah!  I don't know how my daughter Ashley gets anything done because Grandma just wants to play.

They will be one in April.

I hope you like the new design!  Enjoy the last of February because here comes March.  


  1. Delightful! The quilts. The twins!

  2. The pattern is too cute and I can see so much fun playing with this. Oh, my! It seems like just yesterday you were announcing the twins - soon to be one, wow.

  3. The designs are just adorable!!!

  4. Brilliant! Your designs always make me smile.

  5. Ohhh Amy….being a lover of both….I have no fav, they are both something to swoon ….ok maybe the cats my fav wink….and the twins are looking as adorable as can be..

  6. I love those dogs and cats...adorable!