Saturday, February 22, 2014

Pilot Antique Sale

Twice a year I go to the Pilot Antique sale here in Lawrence.  I arrive when the doors open ready to find treasures.  I get antiques and my husband gets homemade pie that they sell at their concession stand. One booth had a lot of holiday antiques.  I love decorating with old decorations for the holidays.  They are hard to find!

I squealed when I saw this small 4" Valentine box.  I look and look for these and you don't find very many.  I added this one to my other two small boxes.

I Loved this 1950's old plastic Easter rabbit.  I will stick some candy out of the egg at Easter time.

I bought this little framed print of the American Flag for $12.00.  In July, I will set it out with my little Uncle Sam that was made in occupied Japan and my two old glass bells.  One bell is a bank and one had Liberty maraschino cherries in it.

Remember these old pins that you would fold over the little tab and wear on your lapel or pocket.


I laughed when I saw the name of these pins below!

I couldn't resist this little hard rubber truck on the right to go with my other two small red trucks.

This was my big purchase at the show.  I love it...and I can store lots of clutter inside.  Not that this collector has any clutter or anything....

I am so excited to tell you that my new pattern is at the printer right now.  The next blog will be all about my new design.  I can't wait to show you!!!!!  Have a great week and keep warm!  Amy

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