Friday, June 19, 2009

Winners of Quilt Diva Giveaway!

And the Winners Are.........
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Trish who said:
I would love a pattern with penguins in it. i have made quilts for my 4 children and am going to be agran for the first time in the next few weeks ans would really like to make a quilt for my first grndchild

Crys who said:
Hi, some years ago my husband gave my 2 friends and I the name of the "Sew Whats". We would get together once a week and sew and sometimes more laughter than sewing. We happened to see your Bugs quilt at a shop and we were in love. We decided to make the quilt and donate it to WAGS of Wisconsin for their annual raffle. All proceeds were to go to a child who needed a service dog. My friend Linda did all the cutting and ironing, while my field Carol and I did all the sewing. We took it to a local long arm quilter who quilted it for half price as we were donating it. We all felt that we were "Diva's" for completing the quilt. The ironic thing is a friend of Carol's won the raffle and gave it back to Carol. It came full circle and a child got a service dog. I now live in Georgia and return to Wisconsin in June to visit, hit the quilt stores and just laugh as the Sew Whats are back together. Your designs have inspired us and I hope to get the dogs done one of these days and donate it to another worthy cause. Crys Mongiat

cnuland who said:
I love mice - I haven't found too many fabrics with cute mice in them.

This was so much fun, we are going to do it again in July! Stay posted for another giveaway next month.

I loved getting to read all of your ideas and comments and I guarantee that some of those ideas are going to make it into my designs! To the three winners, please email us at to claim your prizes. Note to Trish, we do have a quilt with penguins in it, it is called Penguin Paradise, here is a picture, you can purchase it here on our website if you are interested.

To cnuland, we don't have any fabric with mice in them, but we do have a mouse block that is part of the Ballerina Kitties set, you can purchase it separately here and I have included a picture below.


  1. My name is Paloma from Spain. We lovely your designs. Last Saturday we celebratted the European Patchwork Day with a big exibition. We had a lot of works with your desings. You can see them in our web site

  2. Oh my goodness, I love those penguins.