Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer Exercise Anyone?

I love my summer exercise program! Its a small group .... of about 800 people! Its a community program called "Dog Days" after the founder Red Dog Gardner. Best of all it is FREE and it has been going strong for 26 years. It is wonderful because all sizes and all ages are welcome. If you want to do all the exercises for the day you can. You can also walk instead of run or do half of what they give you to do and nobody will judge you. I love this part! It is a lot easier to exercise when you have all these cheerleaders around you. It's insane the amount of exercise we do in the heat but you do it because you have this force of people around you that are all doing it too. If you come 25 times you get a t-shirt too!
Here is a sample workout from
Roll Out
Touch toes, right, left & center
Hurdler right then left
Hamstring right then left X 2
3 upper body push ups
11 jumping jacks
11 toe touches
11 push puts
2 laps
11 jumping jacks
11 volleyball jumps
11 push ups
11 dogs right then left
11 donkey kicks left then right
11 crunches
11 leg lifts
11 sit ups bent legs
11 spread ums – 10” up then 20” up
Marine drill
11 push ups
2 laps, 1 step – girls on west side, boys on east side

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  1. Heh, that's a small group. XD Seriously, it's always fun to do some exercise with a large group or with any amount of people, for that matter. Whether it's a group of 8 or 800, working with a group makes for a great morale-booster while you're finding fitness through exercise.
    -Walter Tully