Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wedding Anniversary

My 13th anniversary was Monday. My present from my husband is new gutters for my building and house. Don't's right after gold and silver. We are painting the house this summer and I am changing house colors. I am absolutely thrilled with my present. He also gave me flowers and dinner. Early on in our marriage I told him never to give me a present that you had to plug in. That idea has totally been thrown out. I now want boring basic things like new guttering! I can't wait now to have the house painted.

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  1. Amy, my husband has always got me something that he could use........washing machine, coffee maker, drill, bread maker, all the things a woman could want. Then for my 50th birthday, he surprised me with a spa package. I always told him I wanted to be pampered for a day and I guess it finally sunk in! He told me if I left the garage alone, he would leave my sewing room alone. Now that was a deal that has never been broken. He who dies with the most stuff, wins. Crys