Friday, June 19, 2009

How do I do it?

You might wonder how I come up with such stunningly lifelike characters as the Quilt Diva. I do have a wild imagination, but you have to start from somewhere. One of the perks of working at Amy Bradley Designs is the modeling experience. My employees who are also my children are delighted to help me by posing especially when I remind them of all the motherly sacrifices I have made for them. I don't remember promising not to put the pictures on the internet for all to see, but they probably didn't think I was technologically capable of doing so! I will share several of myself as well to be fair.

This is a hand and leg shot, sometimes I have a hard time drawing the hands and feet of my characters so a photo helps a lot.
This is me fighting other imaginary quilters over a box of fat quarters on sale. This design hasn't been published yet.

Here is me holding an imaginary umbrella (actually a dog ball thrower) and my arm around my imaginary friend, this pose is for the Bountiful Beauties quilt, you can see the result below
My daughter Ashley pushing an imaginary shopping cart filled with fabric, this design hasn't been published yet.
Me holding my imaginary inner-tube for the Bountiful Beauties quilt.

And here is the result, can you see the resemblance? These girls have Kansas tans just like me! When we come across these photos in the computer, we always laugh so we thought you might too.

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  1. Hi Amy :
    I like me your patterns. Thank you.
    Me encantan tus patrones son muy alegres.
    Gracias por ser tan creativa.
    Ana Rosa