Monday, October 14, 2013

Dollhouses and Quilt Diva Pin Give-away

The winner of one of the baby patterns is Carol.

I love the hunt! One of the things I did on our antiquing trip through Iowa was hunt for dollhouse furniture for my metal dollhouse that my granddaughter Rowan and I play with.  I was having so much fun because I accumulated a whole park for the outside of the house.  Then I found this rec room/garage that I have not seen before.  We are calling it the man cave for the daddy doll.

Back of the house.  I bought it originally for $40.00 at a antique store.  It had a few pieces of furniture with it when I got it.
Front of the house.  I took it to quilt market once and used all the rooms for office supplies.
I have to show you close-ups of some our favorite pieces that I just bought on our trip.

Our dollhouse guard dog!  You push on the chimney and then it makes a barking sound.

Our TV for our man cave.  It's actually a salt and pepper shaker.  You turn the big knob and the shakers come up.

The lid goes on this little washing machine.

The sewing machine folds down just like the big ones. 

The little bowl slides in underneath the little potty chair.

The highchair / rocker in the highchair position.

The highchair / rocker in the rocker position.
I also came across this early cardboard Barbie Dream House and had to take a photo.  My sister Julie and I had one of these.  Ours was all blue instead of brown and blue.  When someone passed it on to us to play with it only had a few pieces of furniture unlike this one.  I can't remember what the price of this one was....but I remember it wasn't cheap.  It was a nice trip down memory lane seeing this one. 

Front of the house all folded out.  It folds up like a suitcase and has a handle for carrying.

The three rooms with all the cardboard furniture.

My Grandma Bess had a metal dollhouse with a few pieces of furniture that I played with when I was little.  I am so enjoying my second childhood playing with Rowan.  I really didn't need an excuse but having Rowan and now Norah her little sister makes it so COMPLETE!  It is so much fun being a grandma!

Make a comment about your second childhood.  It might be buying the Easy-Bake Oven that you always wanted or the sporty car that you couldn't afford in your youth.  We will pick a comment by random for a chance to win a Quilt Diva pin.  We will announce the winner next Monday - October 21st.
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Have a great week!  I  JUST  LOVE  FALL!!!


  1. Wow that brought back some memories! My second childhood involved me buying my first sewing machine a few years ago and learning how to sew. Now, I quilt and make plushies and all the fun stuff I wished I could have done when I was younger.

  2. So cool that I it...thank you! That doll is so fun looking!

  3. I love to play with my daughters American girl dolls. I love to make clothes for them too. Ok she outgrew the dolls but I still make clothes for them and now get the great nieces to play with them with fun. I always wanted one growing up but never had one. So I can relive my childhood with her dolls

  4. I had "your" doll house in my youth. It's fun to see it again. As I enter second childhood, it is so much fun to play tea party with my grand daughter, with the tea sets I never had, but I do now.

  5. Yep, me too, I had the metal doll house - early 50s is my guess. I have my 'child's stove' which I bought with my birthday money probably when I was 9ish. It was a forerunner to Easy Bakes and it REALLY cooks. We can fry potatoes and makes pancakes on the top burners. The oven bakes up a mean cake and does cookies! The first time I used it (in the living room!) the folks were shocked it got so hot. That was the last time it was in the living room; the kitchen was the only place it was allowed! It's still fun though I'm rather a nervous nelly when it comes to the grands.

  6. Buying the vintage ColorForms Count Dracula set. I LOVE having it again - don't remember what happened to the set I had as a kid.

  7. I remember playing with my doll house also. I had a small sewing machine that you turn the handle on and it really sewed. I loved it.