Monday, September 30, 2013

Antique Sewing Items Seen Or Bought On Our Vacation

I loved this old "Singer" sign.  It was sold and was headed to California.  This was in one of the many antique stores that we visited on our vacation.  Next to quilting, antiquing would be my second hobby.  I almost hyperventilate when I get close to an antique shop.

Stool made out of wooden spools.

I am always taking photos of things made out of wooden spools.  I believe these will become more collectible because they don't use wooden spools for thread anymore.  Do you think 20 years from now we will see furniture made from plastic spools?!

Shelf made out of wooden spools.

This is my new sewing machine pin cushion.  If you pull on the little red ribbon on the right side the tape measure comes out.

This is also new to my collection of whimsical pin cushions.  I call him a bellboy because that is what he looks like to me.  Do you think he is twerking?

I took a photograph of this sunbonnet sue potholder bag.  I love everything sunbonnet sue!

This is a photograph of a handkerchief bag.  Does anyone use those anymore?

This is a working antique wood sewing machine.  It had a price tag of $4,000.00 on it and was in a glass case.  Can you imagine sewing on this?  I guess it would beat hand sewing back in the day.

This Brainerd, Armstong & Co. spool cabinet was my big purchase on the trip.  I love all the glass front drawers and the mirror in the middle.  It is on a folding table right now because I need to clean out all the drawers. 

Dragonfly in blue batiks.
Dragonfly in brights.
Our new "Dragonfly" pattern is doing really well.  If you do all the dragonflies in a different fabric you can use fat eighths.  I still can't believe how beautifully my friend Rosie quilted it!  It is gorgeous close up!!!!

Tell me about your favorite antique or new sewing supply in a comment to win a free dragonfly pattern.

We will announce the winner on October 7th.

Have a great week!  Amy


  1. I like to collect Holiday items. Especially Christmas. I have a good collection of department store boxes that I love.

  2. My favourite antique is my old "White" Treadle sewing machine. I had never heard of white sewing machines before. It folds down into a table and it is just amazing. It still needs some work done to the cabinet part but the sewing machine always works.

  3. I love your dragonfly pattern! It's so sweet. I also love my Antique sewing machines. I use my late 1800's White treadle and my early 1900s Singer 210-2 for both piecing and quilting. Thanks for the fun pictures and giveaway.

  4. I love the thread cabinet. Never seen one with glass drawer fronts before. I won the Dragonfly pattern a little while back. I don't think I sent you a Thank you after it came. I was having awful internet connection problems for a while. I did get it and the cute card too. Thank you I love it!