Friday, March 25, 2011

My Other Job

It is calving season and I love getting out in the sun. Rain and snow...not so much but sun....YES! It is always good to stretch my legs from that crouched, hunched position at my sewing table. I check on them throughout the day and my husband John does the early morning and bedtime checks. I just love to catch when the moms are having their calves. I try to stay at least 50 yards away using my binoculars so that I don't stress them out. It is so amazing how they do it all by themselves. No epidural. No drugs of any sort. No doctors in white coats. No male pacing the pasture. They just lay down and have their baby and then jump up and clean it off. I am in awe every time!

When the calves get older they play around with each other like puppies. They run around the pond and around their moms chasing each other. It is fun to watch. When it is nap time one or two of the moms babysit all the calves while the other moms graze.

This is spring calving season so the next time you drive down the road be sure to look for babies out with the herds maybe you can catch some out playing and chasing each other.


  1. I would have never thought you a 'cow' girl. I always loved calving and lambing time. The babes all cute, curly and full of vinegar - then like a nursery - everyone naps together. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thanks for sharing the picture of that sweet calf. I am a city girl, but I love reading about farm life and I love animals. :)

  3. On my drive to town, there is a herd of cows. I love seeing the new babies appear in the pasture and feel that my day is blessed whenever I get to see them playing together.

    It is those little things that make the day 'sparkle'.

    Thanks for sharing the photo and a portion of your daily life.

  4. One of the (very) few things I miss about living at the farm in TX. It just seems so peaceful to have cows around, they're fun to watch, interesting and interested critters.

  5. I, too, am blessed to have farms around my place and I get to see the babies frolic and sleep. It does add something special to the day, and lifts my mood. Maybe one day the hubs and I will have some critters here again. It's been years.
    Thanks for the post. Nice to see what folks are up to (when they're not hunched over their machines!)
    Jacque in SC

  6. Beautiful picture! It is autumn here for us so 4 more months till calves start appearing. It's a lovely but busy time of the year for us as I hand rear all the calves.