Thursday, March 10, 2011

I love these pins and you will too!

When Nan at Quilting Bits and Pieces told me about these pins I was skeptical. The price of the pins were so much more then what I usually pay for straight pins. She told me once I use these I will not want to use anything else. Nan was so right! I love these. If I grab other pins by mistake they now feel like nails in my fabric. These wonderful pins are so smooth and thin. I don't use these on thick fabric like canvas or jeans because they would bend but they are perfect for all my quilting projects. Sometimes it is the small things that make you happy....these pins make me happy. I highly recommend these pins!


  1. I agree! I love these pins, too, and won't use anything else in my piecing.

  2. I'm so glad you like them, Amy! :)

  3. I have been validated! I thought I was being too picky about these pins. They are "like butter"...