Monday, March 7, 2011

Antique Sale Fun!

Wind up wooden horse that I bought.

Twice a year I look forward with great anticipation for the Pilot Antique Sale. Why you say.....because of great antiques and homemade pie! I love walking booth to booth and looking for treasure. I am there when the doors open. It is wonderful to find all these dealers under one roof and one car ride to get there! What made it really special this year was that Kathie got all of us quilters (Terry, Nan and I) to meet for lunch. We laugh because we see each other every year at the same time. Show and tell is a lot easier sitting at a table then digging through sacks in the aisle. I have just recently started collecting unique pincushions in the last few years and I only get ones that make me smile.

I also take home pie for all my family. At $2.00 a piece it is a steal especially since I do not make pie. This is one way my family forgives me for adding to my collections. One woman bought 18 pieces of pie for her college son and his dorm friends. I am sure she will get a Mothers Day card this year.

This pincushion had a bell boy hat so I put two of my hotel don't disturb signs behind him.

I already had the dog pincushion on the left so he now has a friend!

I put a few of my other clowns together for this photograph. I just love that if you pull his nose you get a measuring tape.

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