Wednesday, May 15, 2013

More Wonderful Show and Tell

Madamme Samm did a blog where she put together my Quilt Diva pattern.  She did a spectacular job!  I love all the little flourishes that she added.  She even added fake eyelashes.  I think this was a first!  She is so color coordinated in her red, white and black. She has fur on her slippers, thimble earrings, pearl necklace.....a regular DIVA!!!  She is so much more sophisticated then my original diva.  I just love it!

She didn't even keep it after all the hours that she put in it.  She sold it to a special lady to make money to help buy a sewing machine for another special lady.  I just love generous people that give of their time and talents to help others!  Way to go Madamme Samm!!!!!

Becky Church sent me some photos below of the quilts she has made from my patterns.   I love that she put the one black cat in the quilt.  So creative!  I think she had fun picking out all the bright swimsuits for the penguins because it shows.

Ballerina Kitties
Meet the Tweets
Penguin Paradise

Chris Wells sent me a photo of a discontinued pattern but I had to show it because I just love show and tell.  Sorry this pattern is no longer available.

Barnyard Skyscraper
Maria Rosa Gorla did several of my patterns and put them in one quilt top below.  This is thinking outside the box...WOW!  She did a super job! 

Courtney White and her grandma had so much fun making up their Quilt Diva together below.  Love the red hair!

Destounis Xplornet made this version of my Animal Whimsy pattern for her 93 year old father.  He loved to take care of all the animals on his farm.

I hope you are all getting your flowers and gardens planted.  I get so excited about planting until August and then my spring fever is fading like my flowers.

Thank you for sending me your photos.  It just makes my day!!!!!!  Amy

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