Thursday, March 7, 2013

Show and Tell

I was so excited when I got a letter in the mail from Deanne Throop with photos. She sent me photos of how she took my "Merry Christmas" pattern and made a tree skirt.  I love it....and why didn't I think of it!!!!!  This happens a lot.  I like getting photos from very creative quilters who think outside the box.  I so enjoy seeing photos of imaginative interpretations of my designs.  It inspires me!  Deanne said she is not even a quilter.

I love the sequins!
I love the big stitches in red!

Then I got a e-mail from Terry Weiner and she sent me this photo. Wow!  Two quilters with the same idea.  She said this is one of her first projects.  Amazing!

She did such a nice job with color!

Then I got another e-mail from Debbie Hatt who took my workshop in Red Deer, Alberta Canada last month.  She finished her "Quilter Yearbook" blocks.  They represent her eight friends in her local clothing club.  I love how she put glasses on one of the ladies head.

We played strip poker with fabric strips and she won.  She included some of her winnings fabric strips in this quilt wall hanging.

She was listening when I said to personalize them like her friends.

Thank You!  Thank You Deanne, Terry, and Debbie for sharing your photos!!!!!!!!

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