Friday, September 21, 2012

My Trip to Atlanta

I just got back late Wednesday night from a fun filled trip to Atlanta, Georgia.  I was asked by two wonderful guilds to come and visit.  The first day I traveled two hours from Atlanta to Franklin, North Carolina to the Smoky Mountain Guild for their evening meeting where I was the speaker. 

Cindy Williams is the president of the guild.  She wore her Quilt Diva long jacket that she made and of course I loved it!  One of the things that I also love is going out to dinner with quilters before or after my guild talk. They took me to a wonderful place.  I love getting to hear about their guilds and what they have been up to.

The next day I was the speaker for the Gwinnett Quilt Guild in Snellville, Ga.  They dressed up in polka dots and glasses in honor of my visit. Below is Ginny Manning the president of the Gwinnett guild.

Below is a photo of Becky, Susan, me and Debbie. These women are the program chairs past and present for the Gwinnett Guild.  I think this job is the hardest job in a quilt guild but the most
rewarding.  These three women ran me all over the place.  I would head out on a long road trip with them tomorrow!  After meeting them I felt like they were my long lost friends immediately.

Susan even brought her two Bountiful Beauties for show and tell for me to see.  The first is her Christmas version that she made for her Mom.  The second one she added two borders and won a ribbon prize.

After the Gwinnett Guild I went to see the Scarlet Thread Quilt Shop
in McDonough, Ga.  They are just 25 miles south of Atlanta. They were featured as a top 10 shop in the 2012 Spring/Summer Quilt Sampler magazine.  Over 10,000 square feet!!!  I wanted to meet one of my biggest cheerleaders...Sherrie.  She has made so many of my quilts.  Because of her .... there is a Amy Bradley corner in the shop.  Sherrie and her husband Dick drove me the hour long trip back to my hotel. I was thrilled to have even more time to visit. Yea!

This shop is amazing!  I love polka dots and they have the biggest selection ever!  Heck, they have a huge selection of everything!

Elise who checked me out at the register made this cute pin.  It is her own design. It is made up of a measuring tape and a button.

I fell in love with this sample that was made up in their store. The pattern cover is below.

I also loved this sample that was maded up in their store. The pattern cover is below the photo.

The next day I taught a six hour workshop with the lovely ladies below.  I love to teach workshops because I actually get to be around the people that buy my patterns. 

In honor of Susan and her two Bountiful Beauties quilts I am giving away a Bountiful Beauties pattern.  Just leave a comment on the last workshop that you participated in.  We will draw a winner this Monday.


  1. What fun ladies!!! I love the glasses and polka dots!
    I was in a table runner workshop that my guild gave. One of our members taught it.

  2. I like that Simply Scrappy shop sample too. I've never had a chance to attend a workshop.

  3. I am new to quilting (my first year) but I love your designs and think of the Bountiful Beauties as a family portrait since I have 3 sisters. If getting together with mom and sisters count as a workshop then I'm in. Quilting has brought us together like nothing else.

  4. I've never had the opportunity to participate in a workshop. I'm in quite a rural area, and it would be about an hour and a half each way to get to the nearest LQS for one. Love that pattern.

  5. I have never participated in a workshop either. I would love to visit the Scarlet Thread Quilt Shop! 10,000 square feet sounds incredible!! I love your Bountiful Beauties pattern. Thanks for the chance to win a copy!

  6. I was so excited to be able to participate in the workshop that you taught this week through the Gwinnett Quilter's Guild (group photo shown above). I had so much fun at the workshop and just can't wait to finish the Quilt Diva pattern that I started at the workshop. Amy, you are so talented! I just love your patterns and I am excited for the chance to win a new one!

  7. The last workshop I attended was a table runner. I honestly wouldn't have signed up for it but I'm trying to get my daughter into quilting and she won't go without me. I had a terrific time visiting with all the other ladies and learned some new pointers! I am really trying to pass on my quilting bug to my at a time.

  8. Adorable pattern! I attended a Free-Motion quilting workshop just last week!