Sunday, September 16, 2012

Go K-State!

My brother-in law Kent. Taken from the photos of all the alumni chairs.
I am a Kansas State University graduate and so is my husband.  We have season football tickets.  Yesterday we had a fun day in Manhattan Kansas.  Not only because we got to see our team beat North Texas 35 to 21 but because we met up with my brother-in-law Kent before the game.  I may have to start calling him Chairman Kent because he is now the National Kansas State Alumni Association Chairman.  He came by this naturally.  He was Student Body President in 1986-1987.  He also was preceded by his mother Bev Bradley who held the national alumni position from 1979-1981.

My mother-in-law Bev Bradley
There is a lot of K-State Purple that runs through this family.  Below is a photo of my husband on the left and my brother-in-law Kent on the right.

I have been in the Kansas State Alumni Center before but yesterday we got the personal tour from Kent.  It is beautiful.  Lots of purple but very tastefully done.  Below is the board room where the alumni board of directors meet.

Above is the cool view which looks out on the old Memorial football stadium.  The band practices on this field.

Did you know the world is purple?

...and the oceans are full of purple fish...or at least the aquarium in the alumni center is.

They even have a powercat quilt made up of t-shirts from bowl games.

It was a great day.   I hope you all have a wonderful week!  Amy


  1. Love love your post!! My husband and I work at K-State and just love living in Manhattan! Two daughters have graduated from K-State with a son graduating in 2 years and our youngest starting next fall. Needless to say we bleed purple. Today she went to school with a new K-State shirt that read "KSU...WABASH ROLL ON" (one can never have too many K-State shirts!!)

    So glad you got to enjoy that game...we're looking forward to this weekend's game!

    GO CATS!!