Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cool Business Card

When I was at Spring Quilt Market Cindy Hopper handed me her business card.  I thought it was so unique and I just had to share it with you.

I just picked up this old sewing kit in a antique store last weekend.  At least I think it is old.  Not everything in a antique store is old!

These are a few kits that will keep the new one company.

The antique store I was in this last weekend was in Alma, Kansas called The Antique Emporium.  I always find things to buy there! It was my reward plus Baskin & Robbins praline n' cream ice cream favorite!  I was on a 10 hour round trip to get a bull in western Kansas on Saturday for my husband.  It was so windy (30 mls. per hour) and I could not use the cruise control with a big horse trailer and all the hills and traffic.  I had to go past three exits because the exit I needed to get off was closed to road construction.  I also don't know how to back up a trailer.  This is intentional so I don't become too handy for my husband.  Our friend Gene loaded the bull for me and got me turned around so I could head back.  I had SERIOUS recliner time when I got back home.   I hope I can keep my day job because I NEVER want to hit the road driving any kind of trailer!!!!  I so admire the drivers that do it.


  1. Very cool finds.....that's no bull!

  2. You are braver than I...can't imagine driving a bull around! BTW...I have collected a few of those little sewing kits with the thimble on the end you know when they were made?

    Take it easy in that deserve it!

  3. I can't imagine how you can make it..I would like to keep it in mind and will use if i needed in designing Metal business cards.