Monday, February 27, 2012

Keys and More Keys

My new keys
Twice a year I get the postcard in the mail advertising the Pilots Antique Sale here in Lawrence Kansas.  I start saving my money.  This year I was very good though and didn't spend much.  I did just get back from Hawaii a week ago.  I just bought five little things.  One of the things I bought were these skeleton keys on a ring.  I love multiples.  They also sell lunch with homemade pie at the sale.  I get the antiques and my husband John gets pie.  He told me to buy him just one piece.  I bought him three.  They looked soooo good.  I told you I have a problem with multiples!  I also met up with Nan, Terry and Kathe for lunch at the sale.  We are all quilters/antique nuts and it made for a fun morning!

My jailhouse keys. The biggest one measures 10" long.

My car keys
I told you I have a problem with multiples! 

Happy Monday!  I hope you all have a great start to your week!

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