Monday, September 19, 2011

I Had A Wonderful Time in Springfield, Missouri

I was invited by Merrily Parker to come to her shop in Springfield Missouri "Merrily We Quilt Along" to teach a workshop. I was excited to come because I remembered her the first time I met her. My maiden name is Parker and it was easy to remember her name. Her shop is lovely! At one end is a tea shop which has desserts to die for (literally). They provided our delicious lunch. Next to that is the large quilting machines. You can even rent one to finish your own quilt. Then there are all the wonderful Berninas for sale. Following that is the quilt shop with all the fabric that you will want to buy. Then at the far end of the shop is a classroom with its own entrance. That was really handy because we had our usual workshop haul to bring in and it was raining. Holly, her daughter, was helping us which was amazing because she had a hurt arm. I hope the arm gets better soon!

It rained all night before and all day which is wonderful for so many reasons in our dry area! I think a rainy day is a great excuse to sew, read, or bake and we SEWED! These girls were on a mission and they got a lot done. I was so impressed.

Charley Benton who worked in the shop made my Snowday Sewday pattern up for the shop and I just love it! She used Shagged Shannon Fabrics for the earmuffs and the stocking cap. She also used Benartex Minkee on the star to give it more of a 3-D effect. She did each of the snowmen in a bright color. I did my two versions more traditional with 3-4 main colors so this is a great look.

I even got to hit some antique shops on the way home. What a great trip!

I found this signature quilt above. If only I could meet all the ladies that signed their names to this quilt to know what is the history behind it .

My new sewing machine above...doll size that is.

Two new glass dogs. Company for the other two, of course.

I hope you all had a great weekend too! Amy


  1. That snowman quilt is adorable....sounds like you had a fabulous time!!

  2. That sounds like a wonderful trip!!!