Friday, January 15, 2010

New Quilt Pattern Just Out!

Around this time Santa pays attention to who has been naughty and nice. I have definitely been naughty about posting any blogs. Whew! Thank goodness Santa was still really nice to me this past Christmas.

I have had so much fun working on my new "Snowday...Sewday" quilt of snowmen. I tried to come up with every imaginable head adornment for a snowman. I also wanted to make a red, white and blue quilt for all the quilters who decorate their homes in these colors as well as the traditional red and green. I can't wait to see someone do it all up in my usual brights. Every snowman can be dressed in a different color too. It is a really simple quilt to make and all the pieces are nice and big. A side note: I collect snowmen. I have a whole mantle full at Christmas. I had a personal mission for this one!


  1. These snowmen are gorgeous!
    I love your new pattern!


  2. This is gorgeous! Definately going on my list of 'must dos'!!!

  3. A-DOR-ABLE!! I'm going to hunt up this pattern now :)

  4. A friend in Blog-land sent me link to you!
    She knows I love snowmen!!!
    Theese are absolutely gorgeous!!!