Monday, August 17, 2009

Mom Saves The Day Once Again!!!!

My Mom just left after a week of sewing. I hope you all have Moms like mine! I told her I was really behind in getting my quilts ready for Market and like magic she appears at my door. Yea Mom!!!!!! She loves it as much as I do. She gets time off from cooking and cleaning and we watch ( more like listen) to a lot of movies. We also get to spend time together and we order in food. Not a lot of cooking when we are in sewing mode!

These are the movies we rented:

The Painted Veil
The Ballet Shoes
The Duchess
Confessions of a Shopaholic
New in Town
Great Expectations
Closing the Ring
Lake City
The Holiday
The Soloist

We didn't care for Revolutionary Road and Two Lovers. Both were REAL DOWNERS!


  1. How nice you are able to share those mother/daughter moments. My mother died when I was eight, but I treasure the moments I share with my daughters.

  2. That is just wonderful! I love that she loves it too!