Monday, May 25, 2009

Party! Party! Party! Last child out of college!!!!

The Bradley's put on a party! My youngest child Adam graduated from Kansas University. It was the reason I did not attend quilt market. I was busy at home trying to figure out how to spend my new found money. Yea! No Tuition!

We invited everyone over to celebrate. He graduated with two degrees and the true blessing in these economic times is that he has a job. The sad thing is that his job is not in town. The son who has come over for lunch every day and helps part time in my business is leaving the nest. This is the hard part for Mom. The deviled eggs, potato salad and putting on a party for 50 was the easy part. My husband, his sister and I will miss him terribly!!!

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  1. felicidades por tu hijo y yo como madre se que tienes que estar contenta por el.