Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What did I buy in Minnesota?

The winner of a pattern of her choice is Gale!

I bought three new doll buggies.  I don't know how or why this collection started.  Probably because I loved playing with dolls when I was young.  They will join the three below.

I bought three new doll irons.  Three must be a good  number to buy.  I like whimsical sewing stuff.

They will join this bunch of irons.

I got super excited when I came across the garage for my metal doll house.  I love that the garage door goes up and down. I have most of the furniture now so I am buying the accessories. The smaller the accessory the more expensive it is.  They said those were the pieces that were lost or swallowed. I passed on the $10.00 dust pan and the $15.00 trash can but  last year I splurged on the $20.00 telephone. (Don't tell my husband!)

The game room was what I bought last year in Minnesota.
My granddaughter Rowan hasn't come over yet to play with me.  I can't wait until she see the new garage.  What a great excuse for a grandma to still play with dolls!!!

I couldn't pass on the toy Smith Corona typewriter and matching toy red phone.

I also couldn't pass on a new wheel barrow for my collection.  I loved playing with a little one that my Grandma Bess had when I was young. I now have four glass ones in different sizes.  Perfect for filling with different candies.

I bought several gifts for family members but I can't post those photos.  I think they might actually read my blog.

Crispy Cheddar Chicken

My son-in-law John is a great cook and always trying new recipes.  I tried this and I loved it!  You can go to http://www.justapinch.com/recipes/main-course/chicken/crispy-cheddar-chicken-4.html

It was so simple. It bakes in a 9" x 13". I used what I had on hand.  It called for chicken breasts but I used boneless chicken thighs.  It called for cheddar cheese and I used Colby cheese.  It called for Ritz crackers and I used Club crackers. It tasted just like his recipe. Delicious!  I can't wait for the leftovers.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!  Amy


  1. You are right-we DO read your blog! Love all your treasures that you got and we cannot wait to see you this weekend!!!!

  2. such treasures...ohhh you have such a great eye..these would be terrific for props with your quilts...

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